GAMES Webinar 2017-10期(Siggraph 2017论文报告)| 朱博(麻省理工学院)

【GAMES Webinar 2017-10期】




报告题目:Complex Fluids and Soft Materials: A Numerical Perspective(复杂流体和软体的计算方法)


In this talk, I will present my recent work on the development of computational tools for investigating complex physical systems, in particular, fluid and soft body systems exhibiting intricate geometry, topology, and dynamics. This encompasses research areas from computer graphics to computational physics to additive manufacturing and soft robotics, with applications including complex interfacial fluids, virtual human hearts, and microstructural soft robotic grippers, to name a few. I explored these problems from the perspective of computation. A series of new data structures, geometric algorithms, numerical PDE solvers, and optimization techniques that are instrumental in boosting the efficacy of these large-scale computational systems will be presented. In particular, I will try to discuss some of my previous efforts in tackling the computational challenges by investigating and representing the hidden geometry and topology behind physics problems.

The talk consists of two parts: numerical simulation of complex fluids and topology optimization for functional soft materials, corresponding to my Ph.D. dissertation and my postdoctoral research respectively. First, I will present a set of computational infrastructures for the efficient simulation of complex fluids. The applications include surface tension flow, viscous flow, and reacting flow, with a broad class of phenomena including burning flames, droplet waves, water bell, bursting bubbles and paint splashes. Second, I will introduce a computational framework to enable engineers precisely control the mechanical functions of a 3D printed soft machine by pre-programming the material layout of its plethora of printing voxels. A set of prototypical soft robotic designs, such as a compliant robotic gripper and a soft swimming ray, will be demonstrated to showcase the efficacy of the system.


Part One:

Bo Zhu. Codimensional Fluid Simulation on Simplicial Complexes. Ph.D. Thesis, Stanford University, 2015.

Part Two:

Bo Zhu, Melina Skouras, Desai Chen, Wojciech Matusik. Two-Scale Topology Optimization with Microstructures. ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2017 (Presented at Siggraph 2017).


朱博,麻省理工学院计算机科学与人工智能实验室博士后研究员,本硕毕业于上海交通大学软件学院,2015年于斯坦福大学计算机系获博士学位,师从Ronald Fedkiw教授。主要研究方向是面向复杂物理系统的高性能计算方法,关注的应用包括计算机图形学、计算物理、计算流体力学、计算制造、3D打印、人机交互、生物医学仿真等。其工作主要发表于ACM SIGGRAPH和ACM Transactions on Graphics等计算机图形学顶级会议和期刊,并多次获得包括MIT News、Science Daily、3D print等在内的科技媒体报道。主页:



Liu, Ligang

刘利刚,中国科学技术大学教授,曾获得中国科学院“百人计划”、国家优青、杰青,从事计算机图形学研究。分别于1996年及2001年于浙江大学获得应用数学学士及博士学位。曾于微软亚洲研究院、浙江大学、哈佛大学工作或访问。曾获微软青年教授奖、陆增镛CAD&CG高科技奖一等奖、国家自然科学奖二等奖等奖项。负责创建了中科大《计算机图形学前沿》暑期课程及CCF CAD&CG专委图形学在线交流平台GAMES。

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