GAMES Webinar 2017-26期(Siggraph Asia 2017论文报告)| 董智超(中国科学技术大学),姜仲石(New York University)

【GAMES Webinar 2017-26期(Siggraph Asia 2017论文报告)】
报告嘉宾1: 董智超,中国科学技术大学
报告时间:2017年12月14日(星期四)晚20:00 – 20:45(北京时间)
报告题目:Smooth Assembled Mappings for Large-Scale Real Walking


报告嘉宾2:姜仲石,New York University
报告时间:2017年12月14日(星期四)晚20:45 – 21:30(北京时间)
报告题目:Simplicial Complex Augmentation Framework for Bijective Maps
Bijective maps are commonly used in many computer graphics and scientific computing applications, including texture, displacement, and bump mapping. However, their computation is numerically challenging due to the global nature of the problem, which makes standard smooth optimization techniques prohibitively expensive. We propose to use a scaffold structure to reduce this challenging and global problem to a local injectivity condition. This construction allows us to benefit from the recent advancements in locally injective maps optimization to efficiently compute large-scale bijective maps (both in 2D and 3D), sidestepping the need to explicitly detect and avoid collisions. Our algorithm is guaranteed to robustly compute a globally bijective map, both in 2D and 3D. To demonstrate the practical applicability, we use it to compute globally bijective single patch parametrizations, to pack multiple charts into a single UV domain, to remove self-intersections from existing models, and to deform 3D objects while preventing self-intersections. Our approach is simple to implement, efficient (orders of magnitude faster than competing methods), and robust, as we demonstrate in a stress test on a parametrization dataset with over a hundred meshes.


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