GAMES Webinar 2017-17期 | 赵盛东(新加坡国立大学人机交互实验室)

【GAMES Webinar 2017-17期】

报告嘉宾:赵盛东 ,新加坡国立大学人机交互实验室



报告题目:Innovation Through Principles


Human-computer Interaction (HCI) is a very broad field without a single clear focus – there are a great number of HCI researchers from multiple disciplines working on a wide variety of problems that seem to have little connection with each other. However, a careful examination of these multiple approaches to problem solving seems to indicate that there are a number of distinctive, underlying design principles employed by researchers. In this talk, I try to describe three commonly seen design principles in HCI innovations, including “Enhance Directness, Facilitate Transition, Balance Humans and Computers”, and unpack these principles using projects from the NUS-HCI lab.


Dr. Shengdong Zhao is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science of the National University of Singapore where he founded the NUS-HCI research lab in 2009. He earned his Masters and PhD degrees at the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Toronto, respectively. Shengdong has a wealth of experience in developing new interface tools and applications. Shengdong frequently served on the program committees in top HCI conferences. He was the recipient of the ICACHI Outstanding Young Leaders in HCI award and the NUS Young Investigator Award. More information about Shengdong can be found at



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