GAMES Webinar 2023 – 297期(高效的碰撞处理方案) | 陈赫(the University of Utah),王天宇(FaceUnity)

【GAMES Webinar 2023-297期】(模拟与动画专题-高效的碰撞处理方案)

报告嘉宾:陈赫(the University of Utah)


报告题目:Shortest Path to Surface for Self-Intersection Meshes


We have presented a formal definition of the shortest path to boundary in the context of self-intersections and introduced an efficient and robust algorithm for finding the exact shortest boundary paths for meshes. We have shown that this approach provides an effective solution for handling both self-collisions and inter-object collisions using DCD in combination with CCD, using a simulation system that does not provide any guarantees about resolving the collision constraints. Our results show highly complex simulation scenarios involving collisions and rest-in-contact conditions that are properly handled with our method with a relatively small computational overhead.


Anka He Chen is a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate at the University of Utah, specializing in Computer Graphics and 3D Computer Vision. Her research is centered around the accurate capturing of non-rigid object deformations, such as the human body and clothing, and investigating the associated physics challenges. This encompasses tasks like elastic body simulation and modelling collision/contact.  Her research has been published in prestigious graphics journals such as such as ToG(Siggraph) and TVCG. She is currently under the guidance of Prof. Cem Yuksel, having previously been advised by Prof. Ladislav Kavan.





报告题目:Fast GPU-Based Two-Way Continuous Collision Handling


In this paper, we propose a novel two-way method for fast and reliable continuous collision handling. Our method launches an optimization from both ends of the intermediate time-integrated state and the previous intersection-free state. It progressively generates a piecewise linear path and eventually obtains a feasible solution for the next time step. The algorithm efficiently alternates between a forward step and a backward step until the result is conditionally converged. Thanks to a set of unified volume-based contact constraints, our method offers flexible and reliable handling of various codimensional deformable bodies, including volumetric bodies, cloth, hair and sand. Experimental results demonstrate the safety, robustness, physical fidelity and numerical efficiency of our method, making it particularly suitable for scenarios involving large deformations or large time steps.


Tianyu is currently a graphics researcher, working in the area of animation control. He got his M.Eng. degree from Zhejiang University, advised by Prof. Jin Huang. After graduation, he joined FaceUnity as an algorithm engineer, then an adjunct research assistant at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and an independent researcher. His current research interests include (a) physically based differentiable simulation; (b) inverse problems in fabrication and design; and (c) human digitization.






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