GAMES Webinar 2022 – 221期(元宇宙:社交平台与协作空间) | Bo Han (George Mason University),Kevin Yu(University hospital Rechts der Isar Technical University of Munich)

【GAMES Webinar 2022-221期】(VR&AR专题-元宇宙:社交平台与协作空间)

报告嘉宾:Bo Han (George Mason University)


报告题目:Reality Check of Metaverse: A First Look at Social Virtual Reality Platforms


Metaverse has grasped the news headlines recently. While being heavily advocated by the industry, there are great interests from academia as it demands various technological support from both hardware and software research. There has been an extensive visionary discussion of Metaverse lately, but there are few studies on its technical challenges and user experience in practice. To fill this critical gap, we take a first look at Workrooms, which was recently released by Meta (a.k.a. Facebook), and AltspaceVR from Microsoft, two representative social virtual reality (VR) platforms that are viewed as early prototypes of Metaverse. The overarching goal of our study is to gain an in-depth understanding of the current state of the Metaverse and identify potential issues for improvement. Through extensive measurement studies, we dissect the underlying network support and demand of Workrooms and AltspaceVR. Our investigation reveals several interesting findings. For example, Workrooms utilizes different network flows to transmit virtual content and real-time multimedia content separately. This might be a principled approach that should be adopted in general. On the other hand, the current design of both Workrooms and AltspaceVR may face imperative scalability challenges that should be addressed in any large-scale Metaverse platform.


Bo Han received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Maryland, the M.Phil. degree from the City University of Hong Kong, and the Bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University, all in Computer Science. He is an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science, George Mason University. Before that, he was a principal inventive scientist at AT&T Labs Research. His research interests are in the areas of networked systems, mobile computing, and wireless networking. His research recently focuses on immersive video streaming, augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, and their applications in different domains. He has published 70+ papers in prestigious international journals and conference proceedings. He is the co-inventor of 40+ U.S. patents. He received the best paper award from ACM CoNEXT 2016.


报告嘉宾:Kevin Yu(University hospital Rechts der Isar Technical University of Munich)


报告题目:Virtual and Augmented Reality Consultation with a WiM


Communicating knowledge regarding three dimensional complex matter such as for medical procedures is not a trivial task. However, virtual and augmented reality can help users to create and understand 3D information more intuitively. We present our research in the medical teleconsultation system “ArtekMed” and focus on advanced interaction techniques for 3D consultation, in particular, the methods named Magnoramas and Duplicated Reality. Both methods can be understood as World-in-miniatures; however, focus on magnifying, rather minifying 3D content.


Kevin Yu is a 4th year Ph.D. student at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. His personal goal is to augment current health care with modern advancement using innovative technology. His primary interest is in medical augmented reality and 3D user interfaces.



杨旭波,上海交通大学教授,研究领域为虚拟现实VR/AR/MR与计算机图形学。博士毕业于浙江大学CAD&CG国家重点实验室,曾在德国Fraunhofer-IMK所虚拟现实系、新加坡国立大学混合现实实验室、美国北卡大学教堂山分校计算机系做研究工作。现任中国图学学会计算图学专委会副主任、中国图学学会理事、中国计算机学会虚拟现实专委会常委、中国图象图形学会虚拟现实专委会常委等,担任IEEE VR等国际会议论文共同主席,Frontiers in VR期刊和Presence:VR & AR等国际期刊编委。


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