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      I LOVE THIS FREAKING LEAGUE! What do we do to begin? In the midst a wild spending spree for teams with money to spend and roster gaps to fill Mut 23 coins, the Giants traded Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns and the Chiefs made a deal to trade star defensive end Dee Ford to the Niners!

      We’ll start with the blockbuster trade. The Giants traded a superstar wide receiver to Cleveland for an 2019 first-rounder (17th overall) and a third-round 2019 pick and safety Jabrill Peppers. (Btw it’s another player-for-a player trade! Yay.)Denard Robinson, Offensive weapon, Jacksonville Jaguars

      The title of offensive weapon should make Denard Robinson a fascinating player to observe during the training camp. The Jaguars have classified their fifth-round selection as such following the fact that Denard Robinson’s former Michigan quarterback described himself as an offensive weapon during minicamp meetings with the team. Robinson has a ton of leeway on the field and has the potential to be a productive football player with the Jaguars. The coaching staff must come up with ways to exploit his talent and that’s the reason why Robinson such an intriguing case study.

      Tharold Simon is a Cornerback Seattle Seahawks

      Tharold Simon was somewhat dreadful during his final year at LSU. A strong cornerback who had the ability to play coverage for the press, Simon was constantly exposed for his inability to use quick hands and hips that were fluid. Lucky for Simon that the Seahawks appreciate big, muscular cornerbacks madden 23 coins cheap. Was Simon’s final season at LSU an indication of his abilities, or can the Seahawks come up with a method to mold him into an elite coverman, similar to the other players?

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