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      “There there was only one candidate for this year’s cover than John Madden and seeing that everyone else was on that same train. sure, that is logical. He’s got to appear on the cover.’ And the way it was executed that was done, and the rollout, it is… I can’t think of anything more.”

      Furthermore, when Styles was shown around EA’s HQ back on the 1st of January, he noticed massive banners with “Stars Wars,” “FIFA” and “Madden” artworks for cover artwork hanging in the lobby. Later, he saw them on the wall was a list of the over 1500 games the company has released since its beginning. He realized they would soon be displaying his Madden cover was soon to be featured with the numerous other titles that he grew up playing.

      It was bizarre.

      Styles who is in his 6th year of full time artist has said he’s trying not to lose focus on what’s ahead in other projects. This year’s already witnessed collaborative projects with Topps, ESPN, NASCAR The Chicago White Sox, the “Martin” reunion and, of course, EA — as well as the promotional period leading up to the launch of “Madden 24.” that he hopes he may be able bring the show to Philly in the course of this summer.

      There have been moments where it’s hit him.

      “Sometimes I’ll be sitting there and think ‘Hold on”, man… F***in’ Madden cover! That’s big!'” Styles said. “Then at the same time, when there are so many things happening right now, I know that I need to remain focused on whatever project is in my path.

      “I know that I’ll be capable of really celebrating at the top of my game when that game is in the store at Walmart and my nephews, my cousins, as well as my friends will be celebrating together with me, playing the physical copy, and playing it.”
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