GAMES Webinar 2023 – 271期(Fluid Simulations on Surfaces) | 幸京睿(北京大学),刘谨源(Dartmouth College)

【GAMES Webinar 2023-271期】(模拟专题-Fluid Simulations on Surfaces)



报告题目:Position-Based Surface Tension Flow


We present a novel approach to simulating surface tension flow within a position-based dynamics (PBD) framework. We enhance the conventional PBD fluid method in terms of its surface representation and constraint enforcement to furnish support for the simulation of interfacial phenomena driven by strong surface tension and contact dynamics. The key component of our framework is an on-the-fly local meshing algorithm to build the local geometry around each surface particle. Based on this local mesh structure, we devise novel surface constraints that can be integrated seamlessly into a PBD framework to model strong surface tension effects. We demonstrate the efficacy of our approach by simulating a multitude of surface tension flow examples exhibiting intricate interfacial dynamics of films and drops, which were all infeasible for a traditional PBD method.


Jingrui Xing is currently an undergraduate of the School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University, advised by Prof. Baoquan Chen. His research interests lie in physical simulation in computer graphics. He is particularly interested in simulating natural phenomena like fluids, solids, and elastic bodies and their applications in movies and games.


报告嘉宾:刘谨源(Dartmouth College )


报告题目:Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Solid-Fluid Interaction


We propose a novel solid-fluid coupling method to capture the subtle hydrophobic and hydrophilic interactions between liquid, solid, and air at their multi-phase junctions. The key component of our approach is a Lagrangian model that tackles the coupling, evolution, and equilibrium of dynamic contact lines evolving on the interface between surface-tension fluid and deformable objects. This contact-line model captures an ensemble of small-scale geometric and physical processes, including dynamic waterfront tracking, local momentum transfer and force balance, and interfacial tension calculation. On top of this contact-line model, we further developed a mesh-based level set method to evolve the three-phase T-junction on a deformable solid surface. Our dynamic contact-line model, in conjunction with its monolithic coupling system, unifies the simulation of various hydrophobic and hydrophilic solid-fluid-interaction phenomena and enables a broad range of challenging small-scale elastocapillary phenomena that were previously difficult or impractical to solve, such as the elastocapillary origami and self-assembly, dynamic contact angles of drops, capillary adhesion, as well as wetting and splashing on vibrating surfaces.


Jinyuan Liu is currently a PhD student in Computer Science at Dartmouth College, advised by Prof. Bo Zhu. His research interests include physical simulation (rigid, soft, cloth, hair, liquid, gas and their interactions), and numerical optimization applied to topology, shape and interfacial physics.



王笑琨,北京科技大学计算机与通信工程学院副教授,英国国家计算机动画中心Marie-Curie Fellow,入选北京市科协青年人才托举工程。CCF CAD&CG专委会、CAAI智慧医疗专委会、CSIG人机交互专委会等委员。主要研究方向包括计算机图形学,物理仿真,医疗辅助模拟分析等,在IEEE VR、IEEE BIBM、SCA、CGI、CGF、TVC等主流期刊会议上发表论文30余篇。曾获CGI2020最佳论文奖,CASA 2022 AniNex最佳论文奖,中国黄金协会科技进步一等奖,全国优秀城乡规划设计三等奖。主持承担了欧盟玛丽居里学者奖学金、国家自然科学基金、国家重点研发计划子课题、中国博士后基金等多项课题。


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