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      Street Fighter 6’s taunts or emotes are a little-known feature that many new players may not be familiar with. While they may not be as useful as they were in the classic Street Fighter games, taunts are still a flashy way to tease your opponent and possibly even win a match. Players can prepare enough Street Fighter 6 Account in the game.

      However, only experienced players can effectively incorporate them into their strategy as a psychological or physical threat. With this guide, players can learn what taunts are, how they are executed, and which ones are the most effective.

      What is a taunt?
      In the Street Fighter series, taunts are character-specific animations that are used to taunt opponents. In SF6, each character has three taunts, which are used for backward, forward, and neutral inputs. However, only a few of these actions affect the gameplay.

      Taunts first appeared in the Street Fighter Alpha series, and have since become a secret part of each character’s moveset. In Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, taunts can even improve certain players’ moves and deal damage. However, in recent games, taunting has evolved into an expression rather than an actual form of provocation.

      How to Taunt in Street Fighter 6
      To perform taunts, players need to press all six kick and punch buttons simultaneously on both the classic and modern control types. For the other variants, they must perform the same action while holding down the back or forward button on the arrow keys.

      How to change the expression input
      To modify the control mapping for taunts, go to the Multifunction Menu and navigate to the Options section. Under the Controls tab, select Edit Control Mapping. Hover over the Taunt option and press a different button to customize its input.

      R3 or RS is the best choice for the taunt button, as it has no other use during gameplay.

      The best taunts in Street Fighter 6
      Street Fighter 6 offers only eight taunts that actually affect the physical and mental state of your opponent. These teases are considered to be the most effective teases in the game.

      Blanka’s Juggle (Back Taunt)
      Blanka’s Back Taunt is a juggling move that allows him to refill his Blanka-Chan doll bar and gain extra bombs with each performance. When he starts a match with three exploding dolls, he can stack up to five by juggling and taunting his opponents.

      One potential downside to using this move is that it extends recovery time. blanka needs more than 200 frames to complete his juggle and gain bombs. Also, taunts cannot be canceled and the opponent has the opportunity to attack Blanka the entire time.

      Marisa’s Bait (Forward Taunt)
      With a tempting taunt, Marisa leans her body forward and makes her opponent hit her. However, what makes this maneuver different is its armored nature, allowing it to withstand the enemy’s initial attack without taking damage.

      While Molyssa can absorb the first hit, Taunt has a frame disadvantage of at least two hits, leaving her vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

      E. Honda’s Hangoshi (Neutral Taunt)
      Inspired by the sumo background, E. Honda has a kakegoe taunt that encourages opponents to attack him. But just like Moryoza’s tease, Honda’s neutral taunt has armor that allows him to survive several jabs and pokes.

      Please note that Armored Taunt is not invincible to armor-breaking attacks. Any dash, special or super move may penetrate these poses and damage the player.

      Jamie’s Drop & Pop (Neutral Taunt)
      Although this is the longest taunt, Jamie’s drop & pop is a creative way to dodge projectiles. In this move, Jamie falls to the ground and immediately stands up, providing the player with some favorable frames for dodging fireballs as well as some standing and high attacks.

      Note that Jamie’s taunt may take up to 700 frames, making it the riskiest taunt in the game. Players should only use it if they are sure their opponent won’t attack for a few seconds.

      Dee Jay’s Break (Forward Taunt)
      One of Dee Jay’s taunt moves is to sit on the ground and wait for an opponent’s attack, which the player can use to dodge projectiles.

      Like other taunts, Dee Jay’s resting move has a long active and recovery frame and is vulnerable to low attacks. Players are best to use it only when their opponent is far away on the other side of the battlefield.

      Chun-Li’s Zhe Sha (Neutral Taunt)
      One of Chun-Li’s taunts is Folding Kill, which deals 300 damage, similar to Neutral Jab. Interestingly, it is the only taunt that can be used in combos, as it can be used in conjunction with the Drive Impact move that stuns the enemy.

      Lily’s Polaroid Camera (Neutral Taunt)
      Lilly has a unique taunt that can effectively block projectiles, although her moves have limited range. When she uses a neutral taunt involving a Polaroid Camera flash, her opponent takes a little damage and normal fireballs stop. However, it is important to note that the projectile invulnerability of this move only applies to low damage fireballs and is not sufficient to deflect special fireballs.

      Dhalsim’s Levitate (back and forth taunt)
      Despite the risk of them being punished, Dhalsim’s Back and Forth Taunt allows him to hover and avoid low attacks. However, these moves are vulnerable to standing and high attacks, making them dangerous in most situations. See eanews.top for more details on the game guide.

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