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      Cammy is a skilled Delta Red agent who uses the organization’s fighting style to defeat her opponents. Her quick jabs and kicks make her a formidable opponent in the ring, and she is consistently ranked as one of the top fighters in Street Fighter 6. Players can prepare enough Street Fighter 6 Account in the game.

      While many pros consider her to be one of the most balanced characters in the game, her fast-paced gameplay and high-stakes strategy make her difficult for beginners to master. But fear not; this guide will provide tips on how to play Cammy like a seasoned fighter, including information on her moves, combos, and methods of fighting opponents.

      Cammy’s Strategy
      Ideally, Cammy should enter, check, execute and leave. Therefore, she should develop a quick strategy that relies on a combination of short-lived startups that ended in failure, giving her enough time and space to retool and plan her next move. However, the worst strategy for Cammy would be a risky, all-out game plan that gives her opponent a punitive advantage.

      Take advantage of Cammy’s agility
      Cammy is all about movement and speed. Use her Dash instead of Drive Rush to save Drive Gauge for pushback combos. Consider her quick walk as a step to keep your opponent guessing.

      Avoid the Penalty Trap
      Despite her archetype of speed, Cammy is susceptible to harsh punishes. To avoid traps, use Light and Medium normals to check enemies and enter with moves that have the advantage of a square frame. cammy’s three on-block plus moves are Crouching Heavy Punch, Heavy Quick Spin Knuckle, and Razor’s Edge Slicer.

      Reducing Risk with Fakes
      Static Step is a surefire move for Cammy’s main feint. Cancel Hooligan as a quick drop to test the enemy’s reaction, and follow up with a long-term penalty like Spiral Arrow if they make a mistake.

      Cammy’s Move List
      In Street Fighter 6, Cammy’s command list has 22 moves, including 10 Specials, 5 Unique Moves, 4 Super Arts, and 3 Throws.

      Pros and cons of playing Cammy
      As an extremely fast fighter, Cammy’s biggest advantage is her movement. She can close full screen gaps in a matter of seconds, thus reducing her reliance on Drive Rush. Cammy is also a solid executioner due to her fast in/out combos. However, her main flaws are her low damage and risky gameplan.

      Fast movement
      Offensive playstyle
      Cost-effective mixup
      Fast punishing moves

      Punishing moves
      Counter vulnerability
      Low damage base combos
      Tips for Winning with Cammy

      Sitting high up on the Street Fighter 6 segment list, Cammy is a capable and consistent character. To win with her, players need to master her poke, understand her frame strengths/weaknesses, and take advantage of her combos.

      Escape the corner with OD Spiral Arrow
      Cammy’s Spiral Arrow (QCF-K) in Overdrive mode allows her to switch positions with her opponent. This move can be used strategically to avoid being trapped in the ring and instead force the opponent into a corner.OD Spiral Arrow is also a great disorienting move as it forces the opponent to change their defenses.

      Dodge projectiles with Quick Spin Joints
      All versions of Cammy’s Quick Spin Joint (QCB-P) have projectile invulnerability. If your opponent is zoning out, punish them with this surefire move or cancel it as a super art to interrupt their strategy. (If spinning through fireballs is too risky, use Cammy’s antennae, such as Cannon Strike and Hooligan Combinations.)

      Attack and Feint with Hooligan
      Shorten any Hooligan jumps with well-timed punches during Cammy’s jumps to trick your opponent. This allows preparation to punish any retreating moves. It also exposes the enemy’s reactions, making it easier to read their counters.

      Aim Cannon Strike at your opponent’s feet
      Be careful when using Cannon Strike, as it leaves Cammy vulnerable to penalties. To avoid this, aim for the farthest part of the enemy’s body, usually their right or left foot. This will give Cammy a chance to recover quickly and avoid being punished.

      How to fight Cammy
      Power fighters like Zangief and E. Honda are excellent restraints for Cammy. They benefit from her close range combat and punish her with takedowns. Alternatively, players can use speed archetypes like Juri and Chun-Li against Cammy.

      To defeat Cammy, it is crucial to avoid falling for her tricks. Due to her need to engage in physical combat, Cammy becomes susceptible to falling into frame traps and relying on her opponent’s mistakes. Therefore, it is recommended to respect her attacks and wait for appropriate reaction opportunities. See rvgm.ru for more details on the game guide.

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