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      A weird Genshin Impact glitch caused players to fall out of the sky and into Liyue Harbor after using a teleport. Liyue Harbor is the setting for much of Liyue’s main storyline, which ended shortly before the release of Genshin Impact version 2.0. Players can prepare enough Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals in the game.

      The world of Teyvat seems to evolve with each update of Genshin Impact, which is expected to introduce the vast Fontaine region in version 4.0. Currently, Genshin Impact players can travel through the areas of Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru, as well as surrounding areas such as Dragonspine and Enkanomiya. Travel points are beneficial for traveling through Teyvat, as it allows the player to quickly traverse large distances in a matter of seconds. However, one player pointed out that fast travel can have some unexpected effects in Genshin Impact.

      An unusual glitch caused Genshin Impact player Own-Biscotti1525 to fall from the sky after using a teleport in Luyue Port. Shortly after arriving next to the destination teleportation point, the player will be launched high above Liyue Harbor and Tianheng Mountain near Ningguang Yushi. The game suddenly loads for the second time, teleporting the player back to the waypoint location of Liuyue Port.

      Some Genshinshin players in the community believe that this glitch may often occur when loading NPCs in the PlayStation 4 version. The Millelith Guard can usually be found near the Portal of Liyue and the Alchemy Table, and Own-Biscotti1525 may have inadvertently rushed the NPC while loading into the game world. As a result, a collision between the player and an NPC launched the popular Lightning character Arataki Itto into the sky, causing the game to reload to properly render the game assets affected by the glitch.

      Genshin Impact players on PlayStation 4 should be cautious about glitches to avoid potential game crashes. Some users have noticed that this issue can occur on mobile devices that meet the minimum requirements needed to run Genshin Impact. Fortunately, this glitch doesn’t seem to be prevalent in the PlayStation 5 and PC versions.

      In April of this year, Genshin Impact version 3.6 introduced Sumeru’s final zone on all platforms. Genshin Impact players can see this particular area all the way from Mondstadt without any issues or glitches. In a future update, players may be able to see Fontaine from a great distance, letting them know what’s waiting to be discovered in the area. For more game guides, please visit okgameblog.com.

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