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      The new blood troll transmogrification bonus at the World of Warcraft trading post doesn’t look right on the actual troll character. This graphical issue frustrated many World of Warcraft fans and hurt players’ interest in the cosmetic set. Players can prepare enough WLK Gold in the game.

      Each month, the Outpost will offer free rewards to World of Warcraft players who can earn the full Merchant Bidding Perks for completing Traveler’s Journal quests. In World of Warcraft’s August Trading Post catalog, that reward is the Bone of the Bloodhunter transmog set—a weird set inspired by the Blood Troll from Battle for Azeroth.

      However, World of Warcraft fans noticed that the blood that was supposed to cover the feet didn’t show up on the troll character wearing the foot ornaments. The red, and accompanying wraps, end abruptly at the ankles, though races with more humanoid feet, such as humans and elves, have the texture applied correctly. Among other things, the suit allows players to replicate the iconic look of the blood trolls of Nazmir almost perfectly, but it lacks this key feature of regular trolls and Zandalar allied races in World of Warcraft.

      Unfortunately, the reason for this graphical error is very simple. Non-humanoid feet in playable World of Warcraft races, such as the tauren and draenei hooves, or the two-toed feet of the troll race, will not render most of what they wear, with a few notable exceptions toe armor. The Blood Troll NPCs use unique models to have blood paint appear on their feet, but the player model is not coded to do this at all.

      If that wasn’t enough, the Bone of the Blood Eater transmog set has another graphical glitch that plagues it. For every race except human, part of the belt model is incorrectly strapped to the leg portion of the suit. This means that when non-human players seek to use only belts in World of Warcraft or try to mix and match transmog sets, it is difficult to do so easily without looking incomplete or malfunctioning. Unlike troll feet, this may be an actual bug, and it will hopefully be fixed soon.

      Fans are understandably disappointed by this unfortunate feature of the Blood Troll suit. Even though transmogrification is more suitable for troll making than other races, they can’t even fully use the whole thing. Still, players have started using these cosmetics to create some incredible outfits for both troll and non-troll characters. Hopefully World of Warcraft can fix that and let the trolls have bloody feet so fans can enjoy every part of this new mix. For more game guides, please refer to u4game.top.

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