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      Players who want to acquire the Pulse Rifle in Remnant 2 (without starting as an Engineer) will need to acquire two quest items. These items are the Cosmetic Code and Memory Core II, which can be found in two dungeons in N’Erud. This guide contains full details on finding these items, which will help players acquire the Pulse Rifle for Remnant 2. Players can prepare enough Cheap Remnant 2 Accounts in the game.

      Before players attempt to obtain the Pulse Rifle, they should confirm that it is available in the current N’Erud volume. To do this, fans should head to Earth’s first open map (Abyssal Rift or Phantom Wastes) and find the Guardians. For the uninitiated, this NPC is located in a building next to the Ascension Spire checkpoint, and the image above should help Remnant 2 players find him.

      Once at the Guardian, the player should turn their attention to the seated statue at the entrance to the spire. There’s a hole in the ground behind the statue on the left, through which Soulslike fans should fall and use the elevator they come across to descend. At the bottom of the elevator, fans will find a circular metal contraption, which is the key to confirming that the pulse rifle is available.

      More specifically, if fans can interact with two dots on the device, it’s possible for them to get the Pulse Rifle in the current N’Erud volume. And if the player can only interact with one point on the device, or if there is no point to interact with, then the weapon cannot be obtained. In this case, fans will need to re-roll N’Erud (via Remnant 2’s campaign or adventure mode) and repeat the process just outlined.

      An interactable point on the device means that Decorum Cipher or Memory Core II can be used in the current N’Erud volume. In this case, players can insert a separate quest item into the equipment to obtain the Core Booster Amulet, although they can also claim the item when collecting the Pulse Rifle in the appropriate world.

      Get the Decorum Code and Memory Core II
      Once players confirm that the Pulse Rifle is indeed available in their N’Erud roll, they must work towards obtaining two required quest items. Here are the details on how to obtain these items, which should return to the Ascension Spire’s circular contraption when the player has both in their hand:

      code of etiquette
      This quest item can be found in the Terminal Dungeon, and it can appear on any of N’Erud’s open maps (Abyssal Rift, Eternal Vault, Phantom Wastes, and Eternal Horizon). More specifically, players should head to the checkpoint after the train event at the end of the Remnant 2 dungeon and crouch under the cable on the right. The move will see fans take their way up a ladder and walkway, which will allow them to access the train’s engine room (via a hatch in the roof) and access the decoration code.

      Memory Core II
      For this Remnant 2 quest item, players must turn their attention to the dormant N’Erud Facility dungeon, which may also appear on any of N’Erud’s open maps. Here, fans will encounter a locked red door that can only be opened after acquiring the Biome Control Glyph, and the Memory Core II is just outside of it.

      To obtain the necessary glyph, players should search a corridor in the dungeon that contains large tanks that appear to be filled with purple smoke. A section of the railing in this area will be missing and the fan should fall through the opening onto the duct below. Players should then follow the path ahead, taking the elevator upon encountering it, to a room where the biome control glyph is located on a metal container.

      Insert decoration code and memory core II
      Players can now insert two quest items into the circular mechanism below the Ascension Spire to deactivate nearby obstacles. Fans can then head into the blocked-off area to find Remnant 2’s Core Booster Talisman (which increases weak point damage by 50% for 10 seconds after killing an enemy) and the Pulse Rifle. For more game guides, please refer to u4game.top.

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