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      Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller and executive producer Jared Neuss recently revealed the game’s roadmap for Season 5 and beyond, which includes a ton of new features and content. One of the more interesting events revealed in the announcement was Questwatch. Judging by the trailer image and name, it could be inspired by old role-playing games, especially JRPGs like Final Fantasy 6. This has led some fans to speculate whether the event will feature a unique game mode outside of Overwatch 2’s FPS engine. The game does something similar to Loverwatch’s Dating Sim, but it has issues that Questwatch shouldn’t repeat. Players can prepare enough Overwatch 2 Coins in the game.

      The Loverwatch incident is another Overwatch 2 iteration that doesn’t address the game’s classic problems. It features Cupid Hanzo skins and weapon charms, new game modes, and a dating sim that lets players woo Genji or Mercy. While it’s a fun way to distract from the main game for those who play on PC, for console players it’s a bit of a pain to access.

      Overwatch 2 makes it difficult for console players to access Loverwatch’s dating sim
      The problem with Overwatch 2’s Loverwatch dating sim is that it requires players to access the game through a browser. This is easy for those who play games on PC, as it only requires a quick alt-tab to their favorite browser to access the game. Console players, on the other hand, have to go through the hassle of putting down the controller and booting up the PC to access the minigames.

      This issue may have kept some console players from playing the Loverwatch dating sim, causing them to miss out on some exciting loot, as players who complete the sim earn rewards like Genji and Mercy player icons. There’s also a secret ending that gives players a Hanzo’s Cupid Kiss highlight introduction.

      How Overwatch 2 Can Make Future Events Easier For Console Players
      Overwatch 2 has a small but loyal player base on consoles. Admittedly, not all players are interested in Loverwatch as a dating sim, just as not all Dead by Daylight fans are excited about the idea of its Hooked on You dating sim. Instead, the new mini-games Questwatch might launch need to be more accessible on the platforms it’s available on.

      The best way to make events more accessible is to eliminate the need to access materials and minigames through a browser. It might take more work to integrate a game into one, but it’s worth the extra time and effort to make the game more inclusive. The smiths of Overwatch 2’s workshop mode have shown that side-scrolling and Flappy Bird-style gameplay is possible with the current engine.

      Developers can modify these game modes to create RPG-style or side-scrolling games for Questwatch in the Overwatch 2 platform. The game could also take inspiration from first-person adventure games like BioShock and Dishonored. That way, the developers don’t have to complicate things by fundamentally changing the gameplay. Additionally, they can also rework assets from the defunct co-op PvE campaign to add some fun gags like items and enhanced abilities.

      While Loverwatch does offer a fresh concept, its browser-based dating sim makes it inconvenient for console players to fully enjoy the event. If a developer is using Questwatch to create another spin-off game, they should make sure it’s easily accessible from the Overwatch 2 engine on the console. For example, Blizzard could make a believable RPG by taking new ideas from the popular custom game mode, or use remnants of Hero Mode to create a short but entertaining first-person RPG. For more game guides, please refer to igxc.com.

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