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      The year is 2023, and the Destiny series will celebrate its 10th anniversary in September 2024. Since the original game’s release in 2014, game developer Bungie has been slowly but surely working to try to expand the series into other media, such as comic books and physical copies of the game’s story tag. While no progress has been made to date in bringing the franchise to the big screen or even TV formats, that could change soon. Players can have enough Destiny 2 Silver ready to play in the game.

      Recent developments at Bungie, including the hiring of a former executive at Warner Bros. Discovery, suggest that Bungie is looking at a major expansion of its nearly decade-old franchise, which is nearing the end of its first major storytelling saga. This could include expansion into film and television media, as well as possible continued efforts in print media in the form of books and comics.

      With the limitless potential of the series and a vast universe full of rich lore, Destiny is certainly the perfect IP to make this major move happen. the possibilities for TV and film adaptations are endless, and most importantly, there are a plethora of genres that can be used to cast a wide net and attract new fans. Here are some areas of the universe that have the potential to be explored.

      The Golden Age
      The Golden Age is one of the most important eras in Destiny lore that players have never had the opportunity to witness. When the creatures known as Voyagers first arrived in the solar system, it revolutionized the way humans lived, both in terms of technology and life expectancy. Thanks to these rapidly increasing capabilities compared to those never before seen in human history, the solar system, now made habitable by the light of Voyager, became a whole new frontier of exploration.

      The Destiny universe has never shied away from hinting at the great scientific achievements of this period, and stories that explain what humans are capable of accomplishing will be a great prelude for anyone who wants to get into the game. Fans can finally learn more about how locations like Europa and Venus were settled, and how the game’s iconic locations were established. The combination of magic and sci-fi elements at the height of its use will deliver a real visual treat and make such a piece stand out from the crowd.

      Right next to the Golden Age in the list of possibilities is Collapse, which sees the coming of darkness and the destruction of almost everything that was accomplished in the previous era. The Destiny series has always had a Western flavor, and a television show that takes place in an era of tribalism, skirmishes and lawlessness would be able to fulfill the potential of the genre unlike anything that came before Destiny.

      One of the most important things about a project like this is that the perspective is not limited. Whereas Golden Age shows could really only show a human perspective, shows set in the collapse and subsequent Dark Ages could bring the arrival of rival factions like the cabal and the Hive to television around the world. The enemy races and factions in Destiny have just as many stories to tell as the heroes, and adding a layer of nuance to the universe by witnessing things from their point of view will make things even more interesting.

      War Stories
      In Destiny’s storytelling, especially in the first game, players are always told of great battles, such as the Battle of Twilight Gap, all of which take place off-screen before the player character appears. In addition to the Western theme, the Destiny universe has always had a very tough aesthetic, always providing players with armor and weapons to fight with. The world has been through a lot, including wars and devastating battles that last a long time.

      This is where the potential for a Destiny adaptation into a war movie or TV series comes into play. While the quieter, weirder Dark Ages would make a great TV series, the action-packed battles in Destiny also deserve massive, exaggerated representation. Why not make a miniseries about a six-front battle? A hard-hitting war story about the last remnants of humanity doing their best to defend the last safe city on Earth from various enemies would certainly be fascinating. Stories like this could even create new fans for the series, as the appeal of these types of stories extends far beyond the fan base Bungie has already gathered through its games. For a more detailed guide to the game, see u4game.top.

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