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      It can be hard to stay happy in a marriage without sex, but it’s not impossible. Tell your partner the truth about how you feel, what you need, and your worries about the lack of closeness. Get your partner to share their point of view as well.
      Set up a place where people can talk about sensitive issues without fear of being judged or blamed.

      Think about going to couples therapy or counseling to deal with the problems that are making you and your partner less close. A skilled professional can help by giving advice, making it easier to talk to each other, and suggesting ways to make the relationship better overall.

      Spend some time getting to know your partner’s thoughts, worries, and feelings. Even if two people aren’t physically close, empathy and understanding can make their mental bonds stronger.

      Focus on getting closer to each other emotionally without getting sexual. Do things that bring you closer together, talk about your hopes and dreams, and enjoy quality time together.

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