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      Fortnite’s jungle-themed season (considered Chapter 4, Season 3) has been underway for nearly a month now and has added some features worth exploring. epic Games’ popular battle royale game is known for its willingness to constantly evolve, which has made it an undeniable success. From the recently implemented Fortnite ranking system to the constant crossover with other big games, Fortnite continues to captivate players. Players can prepare enough Fortnite V-BUCKS in the game.

      Fortnite’s latest WILDS season has been generally well received by the player base, with many praising the realistic visuals of the jungle biome. As a result, the excitement surrounding this colorful game doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. To keep the excitement going, Fortnite recently added six new and interesting enhancements that may be helpful in the right circumstances.

      Fortnite’s new perks could be deadly
      One of the newer aspects of Fortnite is the reality augmentation, which first appeared at the beginning of Chapter 4. The game usually has 25 of them at a time, but there are about 37 in total in the rotation. Players receive augmentations at different points in the game, and one’s overall gameplay can change depending on their choices.

      The first new augmentation is called “Get Heavy Ammo” and it will provide heavy ammo immediately. More items can be found in the crates after activating the reality enhancement. Heavy ammo can be used with the Sniper Rifle, although the Heavy Sniper Rifle has recently been archived. In its place is the Explosive Repeating Rifle, which requires heavy ammunition and fires explosive rounds.

      The second realistic enhancement in the v25.11 update is the “Heavy Headshot”. Based on the title, this may sound the same as “Get Heavy Ammo”. However, this enhancement actually increases headshot damage for weapons that use heavy ammunition, such as the 2019 Flintlock Pistol. For players with consistent headshot accuracy, this can be deadly in the right hands.

      The next enhancement won’t improve players’ mechanical skills, but it’s still very helpful. Titled “Bush Mud”, players will be covered in mud when in large bushes, leaf litter and tall grass. The mud in Fortnite makes good use of heat vision to camouflage the player from enemy attacks. However, some players say that the “bush mud” encourages people to camp in the bush so they are less likely to be punished for it.

      The fourth reality enhancement is “thermal mud,” which is another way to get thermal vision in Fortnite without getting thermal DMR. This is particularly helpful on the WILDS map, where the jungle biome can sometimes make it difficult to see other players. When players choose “Hot Mud” they will find themselves covered in mud while still being able to see the heat signature.

      The next enhancement, “Splash Party,” is a one-time use bonus that provides users with a number of Slap Splashes that work similarly to the burst splashes that were removed at the beginning of Season 4, Chapter 3. When in range of a splash, the player is healed and receives a speed boost, which helps with necessary spins on the map.

      The last enhancement, “Roaming Redeployment,” is probably one of the most fun, especially if players find themselves falling down a lot. When exiting a zip line, railroad track, vine or hops plant, the user can pull out the glider to avoid falling damage. While this enhancement sounds useful, it may be a smaller version of the pre-existing “Aerialist” enhancement.

      This Fortnite season is shaping up to be one of the most fun seasons yet. From the ability to ride dinosaurs to a potential crossover with The Elder Scrolls Online, the future of battle royale games looks bright. With approximately two months until Chapter 4, Season 3, players should have plenty of time to grind. For a more detailed guide to the game, see wokgold.com.

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