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      Without the Son of the Sole Survivor, the Fallout 4 story would have been radically different, yet due to an inexplicable bug, this hypothetical situation actually happened to one player. While Fallout 4’s sandbox is renowned for inviting players to veer off course while on their journey, meeting Shaun in person significantly expands the game. The protagonist of the game’s primary objective is tasked with finding a lost child. In Fallout 4, players are introduced to all of the Federation’s major factions at this time, making breaking into the Academy a logical halfway point for most games. In the game, players can prepare an adequate amount of Fallout 4 CC Credits Top Up.

      In many ways, Shaun represents the story’s second protagonist (though not a playable one), as his actions not only affect the modern times in which the Sole Survivor finds himself, but his presence also drives the game’s develop. As far as characters in Fallout 4 go, Shaun has always been a divisive topic in the fandom, and that’s likely Bethesda’s intention from the start.

      However, there was a momentary glitch in AdamaSanguine’s run-through in Fallout 4, when the suburban paradise behind them erupted in flames, with the sole survivor’s spouse holding air instead of a baby. The hilarious bug was shared on the official Fallout 4 subreddit with a tongue-in-cheek caption suggesting Sean accidentally left the house.

      While Fallout 4’s story will likely continue without the visual glitch, it does manage to spark discussion about how this alternate timeline will work. Sean’s death or disappearance before the start of the Fallout 4 tutorial level in Vault 111 would have a broad domino effect on the state of the Federation and the Institute. That said, the institute would most likely try to catch the Sole Survivor’s spouse rather than their child, and the Sole Survivor wouldn’t wake up from cryogenics on purpose if the father wasn’t in charge. In fact, the more this timeline is extrapolated, the more obvious Shaun’s strong connection to the game’s plot becomes.

      Players often argue that Fallout 4’s main story conflicts with its sandbox nature, and that the urgency of finding Shaun doesn’t translate well into a game that celebrates and rewards exploration so strongly. While there are obvious parallels to Fallout 3’s main character wandering the Capital Wasteland in search of their father, many fans can’t help but wonder if Fallout 4 would be even better without Shaun. For a better game guide, please refer to nf17.com.

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