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      Disney’s Valley of Dreams has a ton of different gems that players can find while digging. Sometimes, it’s hard to know if the player collected them all. One of the most important and rarest gemstones is the diamond. Their selling price is second only to rubies. This is a great way for players to make Stars and save them up quickly. Players can prepare enough Disney Dreamlight Valley Accounts in the game.

      Diamonds can only be mined from a single biome in the Disney Dream Valley of Lights. Unfortunately, they don’t have much use in the game other than completing a quest, so selling them is good for the player to earn stars.

      how to get diamonds
      Each gem in Disney’s Valley of Dreams can be mined from a different biome, some more rare than others. Most gems in the game have shiny variants, but diamonds do not. The Forgotten Lands is the only biome where diamonds can be mined. Players have to do a lot of mining before getting diamonds, as they are the rarest gems in the game.

      To ensure players luck in finding diamonds, bring along their mining buddies. Not only does it help players earn more XP and increase their friendship with that character, but it also gives players the chance to mine two diamonds instead of just one. A player-chosen NPC companion can go up and mine a diamond or any gemstone just after the player has mined it.

      how to use diamonds
      Diamonds don’t have many uses in the Disney Dream Valley of Lights. However, they can be used to complete one of Scrooge McDuck’s quests, Economy 101. This quest will ask the player to sell 7 gems at one of Goofy’s Stalls. Each diamond sells for 600 stars, and when a player sells a bunch, the stars add up quickly.

      Selling gems is one of the fastest ways to make money in Disney Fantasy Valley, but you also need to save some gems for later quests. Diamonds are not used in any crafting recipes, so the best use is to sell them and get some extra stars for in-game purchases. For more game guides, please visit 777chips.com.

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