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      After news broke that the Witch class was returning in Diablo 4 after being replaced by the Wizard class in Diablo 3, Magic users were delighted. The main difference between the two is that wizards focus on general arcane magic, while witches focus more on elemental spellcasting. This clear division between the elemental types in magic (fire, lightning, ice) allows players to curate their builds according to their playstyle and how they wish to utilize the witch class. The Immortal Witch build in Diablo 4 is a lightning-centric build that will immobilize enemies, making them vulnerable, and then vaporizing. Players can prepare enough Diablo 4 Gold for Sale in the game.

      As a close range damage output build, the Immortal Witch is one of the most viscerally satisfying builds of the magic-based class builds in Diablo 4. The general strategy for Immortal Witch builds is to use the teleport to launch at enemies, dealing damage when the witch exits the teleport. The player will then use the Frost Nova to freeze the enemy for 2 seconds and apply the Vulnerability debuff, then use the Chain Lightning and Arc Lash abilities to perform an AoE lightning attack while the enemy is unable to attack. Thanks to some secondary buffs to defense and damage, the Immortal Witch is one of the more viable builds for Diablo 4’s pinnacle bosses and other overwhelming threats.

      Priority skills for the Immortal Witch build
      The main abilities that players need to specify for the Immortal Witch build are Teleportation, Ice Armor, Chain Lightning, and Arc Lash. Additionally, players will want to allocate some skill points to Frost Nova and Glass Cannon, for immobilizing enemies and increasing spell damage at the expense of defense, respectively. The main goal of the Immortal Witch skill map is to make Diablo 4’s Witch nearly immortal by buffing it with ice armor before teleporting to the enemy’s side to offset the loss of defense at the cost of spellcasting ability.

      Teleport – The teleport skill is essential to the Immortal Witch build, as it allows players to transform the witch in Diablo 4 into an unstoppable bolt of lightning that surges towards enemies and deals damage when the teleport exits. While players initially only need to invest 1 point in a skill to use it as a base ability for an Immortal Witch build, it is recommended to continue assigning points to skills after level 25 to reduce the necessary cooldown.

      Ice Armor – As a companion ability to the Immortal Witch’s Teleportation, players must invest points in Diablo 4’s Ice Armor ability to bolster their defenses before using the teleport to attack enemies. In addition to providing a barrier from damage, 10% of damage dealt to enemies with Ice Armor activated is converted back to the barrier. Sacrificing defense as part of this build in exchange for the power of the Glass Cannon skill, Ice Armor is crucial to providing the “immortal” qualifier in Immortal Witch.

      Chain Lightning – Chain Lightning is the main attack ability built by Immortal Sorceress and requires priority in skill point allocation. As the player continues to invest points in the skill until reaching level 5, the level of damage output increases, and the skill is automatically triggered for every 100 mana spent as an added bonus from the enchantment. Chain Lightning is very useful in transforming a sorceress into an AoE monster-melting powerhouse, and is a great ability for dealing with large groups of enemies or traversing challenging dungeons in Diablo 4.

      Arc Slam – Arc Slam is the Immortal Witch’s secondary attack that not only deals lightning damage to enemies in front of the player, but also stuns every 10 lashes. When combined with Arc of Frost, Arc Lash helps the Sorceress immobilize enemies, who can then target them with Chain Lightning, dealing massive AoE damage to them while they are vulnerable and unable to attack. The synergy between the Frost Elemental and Lightning Elemental types helps highlight the fact that the Witch is more powerful build customization than Diablo 3’s Sorcerer.

      How to use the Immortal Witch against Diablo 4 enemies and bosses
      While the overall strategy of the Immortal Witch build is similar to dealing with enemies or powerful bosses in Diablo 4, there are some key differences and necessary secondary skills to apply when facing one powerful enemy vs. many powerful enemies. When dealing with enemy mobs, players using the Immortal Witch build will want to buff their characters with ice armor before attacking enemies with teleportation. After teleporting to enemies and dealing damage on exit, players will need to activate Frost Nova to immobilize enemies, then use Chain Lightning to deal AoE damage to up to 6 enemies at once.

      Boss strategies differ by requiring changes to the primary offensive skill and applying an offensive buff to allow the Witch to deal more DPS. Unlike Chain Lightning, players will want to use Arc Lash when facing an enemy to avoid taking damage from outward attacks, while also applying the Unstable Current buff to double the amount of spell cast. With the right skill level and a focus on elemental types with synergies, the Immortal Witch build is ideal for solo or co-op in Diablo 4, and showcases the versatility of the Witch class. For more game guides, please visit nf17.com.

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