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      Many players think the Treasure Goblins in Diablo 4 seem mediocre compared to their Diablo 3 counterparts, and they want Blizzard to revisit them. While treasure gnomes miss their laughter in Diablo 4, they also seem to miss their wealth. Diablo 4 players would do well to brush dungeons and hell tides for loot, as killing Treasure Goblins is roughly the same as opening Resplendent Chest. There’s no thrill in capturing greedy servants in Diablo 4, and while it’s not a defining feature of the game anyway, fans seem to miss the ancient treasure gnomes. Players can prepare enough Diablo IV Gold in the game.

      The Campfire Chat held on June 16 showed that Blizzard is willing to listen to the Diablo community, as many of the missing quality of life features in Diablo 4 will be slowly added over the next few months. With that in mind, it’s unlikely that the Treasure Goblin issue will be resolved if players continue to vent their frustrations and, most importantly, provide quality feedback.

      The latest batch of complaints against Treasure Goblins was sparked by a featured broadcast thread posted on the Diablo 4 subreddit, and it quickly generated a great deal of interest from the Diablo community. Diablo 4’s world class had only four difficulty levels at the time of release, and treasure goblins were not only easy to kill, but hardly ever dropped any valuable loot. They lacked the diversity of Diablo 3, as the Gem Hoarder, Blood Thief, Gilded Baron, and Vicious Tormentor all disappeared in the sequel.

      Given the current scarcity of gold as a currency in Diablo 4, having a dedicated treasure gnome that drops an enticing pile of gold specifically on the ground when hit (or killed) would be welcomed by the community. Additionally, an easy way to fix generic treasure gnomes is to get at least one legendary item per kill. As with many of the game systems in Diablo 4, players seem to enjoy the basics, but the execution is less than stellar. Treasure Goblins may be a carrot on a stick in the wreckage of Diablo 4, but their current iteration leaves a lot to be desired.

      While fans had their concerns when Blizzard announced Diablo 4 as a real-time service game, the support it received from developers is expected to allow Diablo 4 to shake off its lack of touches before its first expansion pack release. Despite some of its frustrating shortcomings, many gamers would agree that it is in a much better state now than it was when Diablo 3 was released. Diablo 4 has a much higher ceiling, but the journey to get there continues. Players can prepare enough oggah.com in the game.

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