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      Fans of “Diablo 4” are asking Blizzard to make two changes so players can better track how much time they spend on individual characters. Earlier this month, the latest game in Blizzard’s long-running dungeon exploration series launched to much fanfare with a high-profile launch. Fans have already found themselves returning to the beloved series and investing significant time in the game, with some having even acquired some of the rarest and most powerful weapons in the role-playing game. Now, fans are looking for a better way to show their commitment to their characters. Players can prepare enough Diablo IV Gold in the game.

      While Diablo 4 does not currently include any official way to track the amount of time players spend in the game, fans have invested a lot of time in their characters. Diablo 4’s hardcore mode and the impact of character deaths have brought pride to many players with long-lasting characters. Some Diablo 4 players have had hardcore characters for over 100 hours, with one player recently losing a hardcore character after 172 hours. Now, players are asking Blizzard to more easily quantify the amount of time they spend in Diablo 4.

      Reddit user The_Baconpenguin posted on Reddit’s Diablo sub-section questioning the game’s apparent lack of watchable play time associated with player characters. Fans pointed out that similar features exist in both World of Warcraft and Diablo 3, allowing players to quickly access the total playtime of individual characters. While some fans in the comments will point out that third-party software can serve the same purpose, Blizzard did not include an official game time tracker in Diablo 4. Another fan in the comments made a similar request to Diablo 4 to track the tasks that a character has completed.

      These requests come at a time when players have already begun to complain about Diablo 4’s end-game content. Many high-level players have criticized Diablo 4’s high-level loot drops, which suggest that players above level 70 won’t find many upgrades at the top of the game. Others criticized content such as Diablo 4’s Nightmare Dungeon, arguing that the game’s endgame content is too generic and eliminates many of the fun elements of Diablo’s combat. It’s worth pointing out that Blizzard has tweaked the loot in Nightmare Dungeon in a recent update.

      Blizzard has also made several attempts to improve the game, despite the criticism and concerns that fans were quick to raise during Diablo 4’s release month. Blizzard is set to release patch 1.0.3 for Diablo 4 earlier this week, and many fans are already raving about the enhancements and improvements made during the update. The patch joins several others produced for Diablo 4 in June that aim to address fan complaints and improve the user experience. Fans can hope that Blizzard continues to pay close attention to the complaints and keep improving Diablo 4. For more details on the gameplay guide, please see wokgold.com.

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