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      When Bungie announced its first project since its separation from Microsoft, Halo fans were eager to see where in the galaxy the studio would take them. Launched in 2014, Destiny was universally popular due to its solid gunplay and art direction. For most, the title falls short with its brief campaign and sparse endgames, which encourages grinding, but there’s still hope for more exciting content on the horizon, fans Find solace in playing with and against other Guardians. Destiny is seven years away from the end of its impressive ten-year roadmap, followed by Destiny 2 in 2017. Bungie plans to maintain Destiny 2 for as long as possible without publicly announcing any plans for Destiny 3, but it has a new live service game in development among several other alleged projects. Players can prepare enough Destiny 2 Silver in the game.

      To keep Destiny 2 from collapsing under the weight of its content, or making Destiny 3, Bungie has committed to cycling out old content as new content is added. This content library becomes another point of contention among players, who don’t like losing their favorite campaigns and raids in favor of new content. Bungie insisted at the time that the change was necessary, but announced that the vault for expansion content will end in August 2022. However, that hasn’t stopped the studio from seemingly ignoring player-favorite game modes, with many clamoring for an update on Gambit’s future. Regardless of these issues, it could be an outdated engine that ultimately forced Bungie to move on from Destiny 2.

      Bungie decides to keep Destiny 2’s Tiger engine
      With every Halo game built on the same Tiger engine since Combat Evolved began development in 1997, it’s no surprise that the ambitious Destiny 2 is showing signs of wear and tear. The game often undergoes maintenance after major updates; now, the changes and added weight seem to be hurting the Tiger Engine more than ever. While the studio’s first live service IP can be subject to maintenance and bugs, especially one of this size and quality, fans have come to the conclusion that the engine is to blame for nearly all of Destiny 2’s shortcomings. Many even claimed they were willing to leave Destiny 2 behind and find a third game based on the new engine. A recent job listing on Bungie’s career page wants an Unreal Engine 5 developer, so Bungie may want to drop Tiger Engine in Destiny.

      Destiny 2 has suffered a litany of issues since launch, but many players have noticed an increased frequency of glitches and server outages. A number of well-known streamers have taken to YouTube to offer Bungie concise guides on how they think their favorite games should be fixed, and this often includes calls for a new or entirely revamped engine. The most recent mid-season update included everything from simple to game-breaking bugs, such as a Guardian Games statue showing the wrong winner from last year, painfully creaking audio issues, or frequent crashes when joining King’s Fall. As the new season looms, fans continue to voice their concerns and suggest changes, such as a rework of the recently added Stasis pieces.

      Bungie has made it clear that it has no intention of doing a major overhaul of Destiny 2’s engine, and it claims there won’t be a Destiny 3. Many fans wondered if the engine could support further updates, and Bungie’s failure to fully disclose the patch notes once again drew the ire of players.

      The truth is, even though the Tiger Engine is as old as the average Destiny player, it’s a pretty solid engine. Swapping the engine a game is based on isn’t that simple, ditching its proprietary tools for another engine or building an entirely new one takes the time and effort of rebuilding a studio’s workflow. Perhaps the mention of UE5 in various job listings is a sign that Bungie is starting its upcoming project with the Tiger Engine, but if Destiny 2 is the end of the line for that IP, the game may never exist on other engines – at least Not for quite some time. Either way, though, Destiny 2 will one day end like other MMOs, and Tiger Engine’s problems make it feel like the end might come sooner rather than later. For more game guides, please visit 600pu.com.

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