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      Phases 4 and 5 have received their fair share of criticism, but there’s no denying what Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga has accomplished. It’s no small feat to juxtapose dozens of individual projects with vastly different characters, styles, and tones, but one cohesive story manages to win over critics and general moviegoers alike. While jumping into the multiverse like Marvel is currently doing is a bit too bold, a mix of spinoffs and team-up projects could be right for Call of Duty. Players can prepare enough Call of Duty Points in the game.

      Alex Mason, Thorpe McTavish, Frank Woods, Captain Price, Ghost — these are just some of the memorable characters that Call of Duty has forged over the years. With villains like Raul Menendez and Vladimir Makarov challenging these heroes, Call of Duty takes players into fictional future battlefields as well as real historical battles. With decades of lore and concepts – including top-notch Call of Duty Zombies – the MCU-like universe of Call of Duty games feels like an opportunity to make CoD even bigger than it already is.

      How Call of Duty’s MCU Formula Works
      As mentioned above, Call of Duty has several iconic characters, all of which can carry their own single-player stories. A character-focused Call of Duty campaign is something Activision hasn’t really attempted before, but it’s an idea that could bring a ton of development to the characters. This style will allow Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software to cover multiple time periods in one storyline, where all games are canon and player-favorite characters gain depth and become more charismatic than some Action heroes are stronger.

      The first “phase” of the Call of Duty game universe will likely begin with World War II and Viktor Reznov, chronicling the early life and heroics of the unforgettable Russian soldier. A scene in the post-credits scene could show him being thrown into Vorkuta and meeting Alex Mason in a retelling of the original Black Ops. Until then, Alex Mason’s campaign can highlight his youth and his experience as a survivalist. Then, a new Black Ops game could serve as an Avengers moment for this hypothetical universe, as years of accumulated payoff.

      After the big Black Ops game, a Frank Woods spinoff could be released, and fans could get the Vietnam game they’ve always wanted. It could end with a post-credits scene showing him being captured and going to war with Raul Menendez in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, which could follow many of the big plot points from the 2012 original – just This time around, David Mason could be a key player in an all-new Modern Warfare storyline. A young Captain Price could also be set up in the “Black Ops” phase of the timeline, with the transition smoothed out by carefully placed connective tissue between “phases”.

      In addition to releasing several single-player campaigns and large crossovers every few years (the mainline Black Ops and Modern Warfare games will likely offer multiplayer for the series, as well as years of support), Call of Duty Zombies ’ can also retell its ethereal story. In some dedicated games, Treyarch could offer a more digestible succinct version of the story, perhaps making surprising changes here and there like the Final Fantasy VII remake did. The first phase of zombie content can be focused on Ultimis, the second phase can be focused on Victis, the third phase can be focused on Primis, etc.

      As ambitious as this scheme is, it definitely works for Call of Duty. With Microsoft’s deal with Activision Blizzard nearing completion, the concept of populating Xbox Game Pass with small, single-player Call of Duty titles could be an appealing idea. The multiplayer concept of a Call of Duty game that’s been bolstered over the years is something fans have been craving, and a spin-off that tends to focus on zombies could see Activision stick to an annual release while still emphasizing quality. Obviously, it’s unlikely that Call of Duty will pivot to this model and build its own platform to accommodate all of these projects, as Assassin’s Creed: Infinite did, especially in the short term. Still, it’s interesting to consider the possibility of an interconnected Call of Duty universe that creates big moments and gives its characters the same depth as the heroes of the MCU. For more game guides, please refer to u4game.top.

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      I admit, I’m a little tired of such dynamic games and now I want to find some calm puzzle game to play and train my brain. What do you recommend?

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      Hello! Please tell me, are you a beginner or an advanced mahjong player? Personally, I have been playing mahjong for quite a long time and of course I now like to solve impossible mahjong layouts. These challenging layouts give me the opportunity to have a great time and exercise my brain. I’m sure you’ll like it too.

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